In just a minute, set up Fredo to use Monday's 'Create Items via Email' feature. Chat in WhatsApp, and voilà – create tasks on any Monday board effortlessly.

Ready to set up? Just follow these instructions:

Pro Tips

<aside> 💡 Collecting tasks and ideas for Getting Things Done is super easy with Fredo. 1️⃣  Pin Fredo so it’s the first conversation on your WhatsApp 2️⃣  Send any idea or task you have in mind, and Fredo will dump it on your Monday boards 3️⃣  Process your tasks and ideas, at your convenience, in Monday


<aside> #️⃣ Want to create cards on multiple Monday boards? Use hashtags (#), to tell Fredo what board to create a card on.

Example: Say you have a project board called “Hoverboard” on Monday. Here is how you can add cards there, from WhatsApp:

1️⃣ Copy the email-to-board link of the new board (under board settings → Create item via email) 2️⃣ Map the new board by sending Fredo a hashtag sign followed by a tag name and then the email-to-board link e.g #hoverboard {email-to-board link} 3️⃣ Add #hoverboard before any message you send Fredo, e.g #hoverboard hire new test pilot. 4️⃣ Go to Monday’s Hoverboard board. You will see a new card called hire new test pilot.