Fredo uses Workflowy Link-Sharing functionality. It takes a minute to set up and will allow you to create, from WhatsApp, an item on any Workflowy list you want.

To set up Fredo up with your WorkFlowy account: Step 1:

WorkFlowy setup (3).mp4

Step 1:

Type the command “Notes” to Fredo

WorkFlowy setup (1).png

Step 2:

Select the “Connect App” button

Step 3:

Type the command “6” to connect to your WorkFlowy and select the link to access the WorkFlowy to get an API share link


Step 4:

Login to your WorkFlowy and select the “Create API key” button. Next you just copy the API key and send it back to Fredo.



WorkFlowy setup (2).png

To connect your WorkFlowy Nodes to Fredo follow these instructions:

Want to connect multiple Workflowy lists?